Our Story

Since the beginning, B-beez Faith products were created with the intent to bring confidence to forfront!


With the launch in 2019, the creation on B-beez Faith hair growth serum was produced. In the creation of the formula, research was found on how see bee dee and it properties can help aid hair growth.  For this reason, infusing  cannabis and organic herbs for was thought to help B-bee, who suffered with psoriasis after chemotheraphy treatment. This unique formula blended with organic herbs, antioxidants, and other properties to penetrate the roots of the scalp, would allow hair growth to occur with a signatire smile of confience as a result. A clear vision of synergy took place in our formula as results from others came pouring in. The demand for more batchs of the hair serum increased. B-beez faith, began to produce other hair care products like Chebe' boost butter, conditoner bars and others to to help bring scalp balance and aid hair growth to the roots for dry scalp indivuals with high prosity hair. 

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